The beau hunters

We are the beau hunters. At our core we are (in polite alpha order) Andi, Cisca, Helen and Jen but we do like to gather fellow daters along the way.

Andi:  Empathetic and holistically motivated aesthetician, described as ‘powerful but soft’. Works with high end celebrity clientele. London based for 12 years.

Cisca: Our lady in Amsterdam. And London. Energetic socialiser, cat with many former working lives, currently exceptional strategist in online retail.

Helen: Codename “The Bad Bunny”. Accidental yogi and Eco-preneur who flits between Knysna, Cape Town and Johannesburg in South Africa.  She luurves Living Naked and rabbit food (but no bunny chow please!)

Jen: One time journalist, some time columnist, full time fan of blogging, silliness, dressing up and great design. Communications specialist for a major global bank. London based.


11 thoughts on “The beau hunters

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  9. Cisca is by far my favorite…. doesn’t hurt that I have met her in London before and she has a magnetic presence about her that you can’t resist. Hope to see her again out in Denver this year so we can catch up!!

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