Jen: Yay, yay, it’s V-Day!

I’ll be honest, I seriously considered calling this post ‘V-Day, rhymes with bidet’. Partly because the rhyme amused me but largely because, let’s face it,  for even the most stoic singles Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a douchy experience.

But as diligent readers will know, the Beau Dacious ladies are all fired up about love at the moment. Love in ALL its forms, not just romance. So if you’ve come here looking for an anti-Valentine’s Day whine-fest, best you move swiftly on because here, today, we’re making like Candi and Florence and belting out “we got the love”! Hell, we are the love!

Regular readers may recognise this spirit from last year when I got all dressed up in crimson-soaked love garb and marked the day by handing a Valentine’s card to a random stranger on the tube. I’ll admit I think I scared the poor chap just a little, but that one playful act of love – and the response it elicited from readers – set me on a high for the whole day. If ever I needed proof that it feels good to give, especially love, this was it.


Pucker up, I loves ya!

At the risk of sounding like a drug addict, I want that high again. So there’s just nothing for it; I’m going to have to step out today, once again, the very picture of love indistinguishable almost from Cupid himself. Except of course that Cupid’s a chubby baby boy and well, I’m not.  But that unsuspecting gent on the tube needn’t fear for the sanctity of his public transport invisibility cloak. Nope, he’s safe this year because 2014, my friends, is the year I choose to celebrate the love that is friendship. And all those people who do such an exquisite job of filling my heart 365 days a year, well, they are the ones who’ll be getting carded.

Of course, most newsagents have yet to get with the programme and so I took it upon myself to illustrate and design my own special friend-friendly Valentine’s Day cards. I doubt Hallmark will come knocking at my door any time soon but I had great fun putting them together and each one was sent out into the world in an envelope stuffed full of love. And you know what else? I didn’t have nearly enough to send to everyone who contributes in some way to pumping love into my life. Now if that’s not worth celebrating, I don’t know what is!

Happy love day, y’all!


PS Popping into the new Foyle’s store in Waterloo this week I couldn’t resist buying a copy of the best-selling book The Rules of Love, a list of the top 1oo Rules observed by people shown to have the most successful relationships – not just romances. For obvious reasons rule 8 – in the Rules for finding love section – struck a chord, and there are a lot of good practical reminders of what the application of love looks like in a variety of situations, but it’s perhaps the closing section Rules for everyone which ended with ‘Other people are where it’s at’ that really sums things up nicely. If you’re serious about love, you may find it worth a scan.


Helen: Putting Down The Beau Bow & Arrow

Darling Beau Hunters

It is with great sadness that I must admit defeat*.

You have not heard from me for a while now, because in truth, I had hoped that my circumstances would improve and that soon I would be able to engage you in wild tales of my dating adventures – possibly even love.

I embarked on the mission to hunt myself a delicious beau with all the renewed enthusiasm and self-love that I could muster, and in truth, I wasn’t far out of the starting blocks before I had met and “fallen for” a few dangerously suitable candidates.

The notion that there aren’t any good men left in the world once you pass the tender age of 30 years old is just utter bollocks!!

Since opening my eyes to the dating world again, I can honestly say that I have met a veritable onslaught of amazing, intelligent, good-looking and good-hearted men of superior quality! And single too.  Hallelujah! They’re out there!!

But alas, the journey (while at times a flippin’ good laugh) has been fraught with more inner turmoil and stings of rejection than I had anticipated and/or am currently able to endure.  In the interests of preserving what little sanity and dignity I had left, I must call this quest to a close in order to allow for some soulful rejuvenation.

I do lurrve men!  So this is by no means a dig at men or at 30-something dating in general.  Like dating in your teens and twenties, you either hit the jackpot, or you don’t.  I think I have had nothing more than a bit of bad luck.  The stars simply did not sufficiently align to allow for an equal meeting of affections (or geography).
Close. But no cigar.

Ordinarily I would weather the storm, but in the last month I have moved city and house; nursed a new-born company; and roared (albeit reluctantly) into a nasty legal web domain name “custody” battle.  The added trauma of dealing with the rollercoaster ride of infatuation is causing havoc with my already fragile grasp at sanity.

Life has ups and downs, and I certainly intend to get back on the dating horse at the first opportunity, but for now, I’m going to batten down the hatches, cut my losses, and prepare myself to hunt another day.  A life of blissful ignorance (key emphasis on the word “ignore”) of what I may or may not missing out on, will have to suffice.

I have been blessed with some real gems in the boyfriend department, and though I’m 33 and single, I can honestly say that I wouldn’t trade a day spent with them, for a lifetime spent with Philandering Phil, Boring Bob, Needy Ned or Distant Dave.

When I let love in again – boy will it be worth it!

This Beau Dacious journey has taught me that love is out there – I need only the strength to reach out and grab it without fear of loss or failure.

Good luck lovely ladies.

Big hugs and kisses!
The Bad Bunny

* for the time being

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