Jen: Of twitterpating and wedding dating

Finally, FINALLY, summer has arrived in England and all that twitterpating that so many people delayed while they (we?) focussed on whining about underperfroming mercury, is back. Yip, the birds are preening in their ponds and the bees are making a…well, a beeline…for the sweet stuff. So too are several of the Beau Dacious ladies. Yip, we’re brushing off the dusty love-inflicted angst of the past few months and restocking the arrow bag.

Starting tonight.

We don’t like to use the term ‘singles party’, but naff as it sounds, that’s what it is. What makes it more palatable however, is that it’s organised by people we know. Not directly, exactly, but it’s one of those ‘I have brilliant single friends, you have brilliant single friends, let’s get them all together over cocktails and see what happens’ kind of things. And unlike online dating sites where you tend to go through profiles like CVs, frequently discounting potentially excellent candidates based on shoe size and teeth alignment, with this sort of event you might do a little bit of Facebook ‘research’ but largely, you go in trusting that these people have at least gone through some sort of trusted vetting system.

Your wedding is so not about you.

Your wedding is so not about you.

I guess that’s why Sarah Beeny – she of fame – has recently launched a new style online dating site that, like the original, relies on peer approval: Now this one I’m not so sure about but I guess given that there are now an estimated 8,000 online dating sites worldwide, one has to find a differentiator. Here, the differentiator is weddings.

Apparently a whopping 80% of singles believe that weddings are a great place to find love. Moreover, 83 per cent of single men and 69 per cent of single women would like the bride and groom to let them know about other single people attending their wedding. What MySingleTable does is allow brides and grooms to write profiles for their single friends and arrange a not-so-subtle singles table at their big day. What do you reckon: good idea/ bad idea/ only slightly better idea than being seated next to great-uncle Morris, age 83?

Fortunately we will be attending rather more festivals than weddings this season, and at least one of us has acquired a conversation-starting fancy dress outfit for said festivals so who knows, maybe this time around our aim will be better – and we won’t need a profile to achieve it!


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