Jen: Que?

Shall we have this conversation in Manglish or Femalese?

You know that break-up I was bleating about just a few days ago? Well, providing proof – in rather spectacular fashion – that men and women do indeed speak entirely different languages, will you believe me if I tell you that mister was oblivious?! Which is not to say that he didn’t register the conversation (both of them), nope, that would be beyond ridiculous, but apparently he didn’t realise that a definite decision to part ways had been made.

Back in my world, of course, the second instalment of our ‘we need to talk’ talk, had been followed by a lot of debating ‘the situation’ with friends, several tears, and for added effect, the occasional dramatic exit from crowded rooms. Oh, and 1 x post to Beau Dacious. (I’m told I need to learn the art of inner monologuing…)

Fortunately a holiday in the south of France arrived just in the nick of time and was a brilliant distraction – there is comfort to be found in cheese, wine, good friends and, erm, more cheese – but imagine my surprise when I arrived back only to be whisked off for riverside sundowners by himself.


My surprise was perhaps equalled by his when I politely opted to stay in my own home that night and suggested that this whole scenario was perhaps a little odd, did he not think. Inevitably this brought us to ‘we need to talk’ talk number three.

So now what?

Well, aside from now being quite practised in the art of the ‘we need to talk’ talk, we remain somewhere in limbo, a sort of un-committed commitment. Yip, we appear to have tacitly agreed not to talk about it again and just be. And it’s lovely! I’m not saying it’s right or easy – good grief, if this little episode has proved anything it’s that dating is anything BUT easy – but  so long as we lack the ability to foretell the future, perhaps taking a chance and going with that oft-spoken of flow is the only thing to do. Are we right? Are we stupid? Who knows. All we do know is that a girl and a boy like each other and are trying to figure out how to play nicely together; I guess that’s why it’s called the dating game.


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