Jen: Who moved my sunset?

This is not the way it’s supposed to go. You’re supposed to find a man, fall in love and walk hand in hand into the sunset, right? So I found the man, fell in love, but someone done gone and moved the damn sunset!

Yes, dear readers, a lot has happened over the past two months. A lot. I know it sounds a mere blip in time but the calendar belies the intensity of my whirlwind romance  with a very special man. And the fact that circumstances beyond my control have brought it to an abrupt halt just make me want to yell to the universe “it’s not fair!!!!”. I mean come on, I like him, he likes me – why throw a spanner at something that should be – and was – so easy?  I know there are lots of so-called wise words and nauseating quotes that will tell me how I need to learn and grow from this experience but I’m afraid the fact remains; it’s shit. Shit, bollocks, kak, and poo on a veritable stick – and I want my freakin’ sunset!

In many respects father time is the big culprit here. Had I had this encounter a year from now, things may very well have worked out differently. So master of minutes and sovereign of seconds, if you want to make it up to me, make time be the healer and send this one back to me when you’re done with him.

Yet despite my grief, which I can assure you is very real, I do not wish that I had never met this man, I do not wish that I had never fallen in love, and I do not wish that he were different. I just wish that I had the power to determine the ending rather than have to watch his past encroach on my future.

And I wish I didn’t have a blasted cracked rib which is making a bit of cathartic crying rather more painful than it needs to be  – talk about adding injury to insult!





3 thoughts on “Jen: Who moved my sunset?

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