Andi: Not quite black and white, but shades of grey?

Smokin'!My job affords me time spent with a sisterhood of women who like to share, and share pretty openly, I might add!

“Have you read those books yet?”

 “Oh, but of course, I finished them ages ago!”

Seems whether women are openly admitting it, or hiding a title while on the tube, many are reading THOSE books* and are now looking for their Christian Grey – or hoping their partners are suddenly going to come home with a riding crop!

It seems that as shift has been happening for some time but a few reactions to these books have confirmed it for me.

One husband is shocked at suggestions of being tied up and playing in ‘movies’. Others are shying away from experimentation and freedom of sexual expression – from their wives! Are you kidding me?! Us gals are usually the ones faced with interesting requests and are nudged annoyingly to try something different. Perhaps they are worried that they won’t ‘measure’ up to the fantasy.One client is pregnant with her third kid as a result of brazen romp with hubby!

So how does this affect the single lady on the lookout for love? Well, I say that unrealistic expectations have always been a hazardous area to explore, but now it seems it could be even more treacherous if we expect sex to be as exciting, frequent or kinky as the stuff of Fifty Shades! We can, however, communicate, nurture and show the men we finally meet what we want and what we are capable of in all areas – and not just the bedroom.

I’m a very sexual and passionate woman  and I enjoyed the books, even if she did overuse the words ‘exploded’ and ‘my sex’ ! I know what I want from a partner and I hope he will be open to fun and laughter, but not at either of our expense. Just an honest and safe environment to express our love – and lust – for each other. I’m hoping to follow i my grandmother’s footsteps who until the age of eighty spent her Sundays in bed with her man – thirteen years her junior. He also held her hand every day and pencilled in her eyebrows when her eyesight failed, even if they were a tad skew!

So no, relationships are never quite black and white. Finding one, and keeping it, certainly isn’t. But allowing it to be grey, well that has a totally new meaning!

* For those not in the know, Andi is of course referring to the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy. Have you read any of the books? What do you think? 


One thought on “Andi: Not quite black and white, but shades of grey?

  1. Here here, Andi! Having had the man of my dreams become the man of my nightmares with requests that would make even Christian Grey blush, I have not been brave enough to read more than excerpts of Fifty Shades of Grey… But I accepted that my black was someone else’s white… So I left someone I loved because I loved myself more.

    It’s good to know what you will and won’t do for love and what you want… And there’s no grey in that, even if it involves a bit of slap and tickle 🙂 As for your grandmother… With a role model like that, I look forward to reading that you have found a man that is ALL for you…. In a WHITE dress… No shades of grey!

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