Jen: About those buses…

Sheesh! A girl posts one little comment to the ubiquitous Facebook about men and their likeness to buses and suddenly everyone’s interested. Texts, phone calls, emails – good grief y’all are a nosy bunch! And naturally I have been chastised for not getting the details on Beau Dacious, for which I must apologise, but to be fair, I’m dealing with a scheduling nightmare here! Seriously, this week I actually contemplated how I might fit in five dates with five men in five days!

But, before I go into the details of the buses in question, I feel it is important to revisit the responses to my initial statement which was:

Men are like buses. You know the rest.

Well, apparently great minds don’t always think alike but boy, oh boy do they produce some spectacular insights! Here’s what the peanut gallery had to say (with sexy black boxes as a nod to the Leveson enquiry).

Exhibit A

Who knew men and buses had so much in common! But of course, as indicated in Exhibit A above, what I was referring to was the ol’ ‘you wait ages for a bus to come and then four arrive at once’ conundrum.

So what’s a girl to do with this sudden rush of buses pulling into the station?  Well, in the spirit of Beau Dacious my natural inclination at the moment is to yell ‘all aboard’ and jump on; even if just to take a look around, check out the shocks, assess the demeanour of the driver – that sort of thing. But quite aside from the fact that I am rather extraordinarily disorganised,  I do actually have a day job to manage, a fitness programme to maintain, and exceptionally interesting friends to enjoy, so I soon realised that the royal ‘we’ would have to arrange journeys a little more realistically.  So this is my current plan:

  • Last night: Brad – was all on track until about an hour before when a client issue forced a reschedule. Drat. (But at least I used the time to catch up on blogging, right?).
  • Sunday: Tom – sweet, funny academic, intends to run the 2013 London marathon in 2h40, some two hours (at least) faster than my target time!
  • Monday: Brad “let’s try this again” Aussie bloke. I have high hopes for him.
  • Thursday: Rob – told me he thought I was cuckoo. I laughed. Let’s see…
  • TBC: Adam – looked hot at Iguazu; and Charlie – now THIS one will be interesting.

So that’s a list of pretty good solid names, don’t you think? No Enriqués to break my heart or Damians to make me go batty. But will any of them manage to resurrect my recent dating exploits from a world of bisuity ‘meh-ness’? Too bad  I don’t have one of those bus apps but for men. You know, punch in a number to find out exactly which bus is on it’s way and whether it’ll take you where you want to go? Gosh, now there’s a thought – a man app! For now though, I remain app-less but with a fully loaded travel card. I promise to report back on the state of the road!

This post is by Jen. If you’re not familiar with our bevy of Beau hunters, go here now. No, not later, now. 


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