Bree’s recipe for love – as dished up by a married guy

Right girls, I have it on good authority from a highly intelligent, knowledgeable, well-balanced and happily married male friend (and former flame) of mine that where many single women are going wrong is that they are simply choosing the wrong guys. ‘No kidding!’ I hear you say.

His point is that women look for the wrong characteristics in a potential mate and so he imparted his wisdom about what we should be looking out for. Apparently it’s much simpler than most of us realise and there are only five things you need to consider, so I have whipped them up into a nice little recipe that you don’t have to be a domestic goddess to follow.


  • 3 cups of ‘can’t be jealous’
  • 100ml of ‘non homophobe’
  • 200g of ‘can dance’
  • A healthy sprinkling of ‘chicken feet’
  • A dash of ‘likes Pulp Fiction’


1. Take the ‘can’t be jealous’ and sift thoroughly – you don’t want any lumps where this is concerned. Jealousy can bring a very bitter taste to your culinary creation.

2. Mix gently with the ‘non homophobe’ until a smooth consistency – discrimination of any kind is a good indicator that a relationship may turn sour.

3. There are various different varieties of ‘can dance’ and which one you choose to use is dependent on personal taste. But the core of it is based on fun and sensuality (good on the dancefloor = good in the bedroom apparently), which are both essential ingredients – just ask Nigella. So use liberally in all your cooking.

4. Then add the ‘chicken feet’ for a bit of spice and exotic flavour. A potential partner should be adventurous and willing to try new things – who wants a dish without a bit of adventure and variety?

5. Finish off with a dash of ‘likes Pulp Fiction’ – no explanation should be necessary for this ingredient as anyone who doesn’t like it certainly isn’t worth slaving over a hot stove for.

So ladies, don your aprons and raise your spatulas, then get out there and cook up a storm!

This post was written by Bree, our lovely guest blogger. Find out more about the Beau Dacious ladies here.  If you’d like to share your story or words of wisdom, get in touch!



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