Andi: Puzzling…

I have maintained that I would consider all manner of diversity in my search for a match made in dating, pre-Mayan calendar collapse!!

The clock is still ticking.Recently I lost an hour and fifteen minutes of my life and I can’t get that time back! I’m sure that this will happen again whilst I’m on my quest to find my missing puzzle piece. I do acknowledge that I will seeing pieces that I think will fit but that as I turn them around and try placing them, it will be all too apparent that the incorrect piece has been chosen. And so it goes – you get the jist.

I have tried to be open-minded and approach all possible candidates without bias, or preconceived templates attached to any information I had gained from the preamble prior to the first meeting. And into this frame enters the 41 year old frenchman.

He had confessed to being nervous to meet up as he had not yet been on any dates since joining the dating website. This was normal I assured him, but reminded him that this was just about a man meeting a woman to see if there could be any chemistry between them. Simple.

He arrives late, stands alongside the table, unbeknown to me, without announcing himself and then stumbles badly over an attempt to decide who should buy the first round of drinks. I offer as it was clear he wasn’t in a rush to head to the bar. His choice of orange juice..without ice. Mine, a gigantic G&T!

The conversation didn’t flow well though I did find out that he was a security guard but had been a head chef. He then excused himself to go to the gents…for six whole minutes! Inconvenient nature call or worse…please NO!

Our chat then mostly covered what he didn’t like – in other words mostly everything happy, fun and positive! He even managed to mention, with a little delight, how he beat up an ex-colleague who swore in his company too much.

Time to exit bar pretty swiftly. I made my excuses and we walked to the tube entrance. In the best condescending manner I could summon, I congratulated him on his first outing and encouraged him wholeheartedly to venture out to meet more woman. I think I jogged a little in my haste to retreat to the train station.

Wrong puzzle piece? Not even close! But you have to try because otherwise you’ll never know. The clock is still ticking.

This post was written by Andi. Meet all the Beau Dacious ladies on our Beau Hunters page.


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