Helen: Online Love or Digital Delusion?

The Beau Dacious Bad Bunny feels a little bonkersOkay Ladies and Germs
I need your advice, so I’m going to lay it bare.

It would appear that I am besmitten, gecrazy and infatulusting for a wordsmith whom i have never met. A casual email flirtation and relationship status query in a passing business email has turned into a whirlwind of digital romantic Tourettes (his words not mine) and cyber serenading, culminating on Tuesday in possibly the most amazing e-Valentine’s card this woman has ever seen sent to anybody (let alone little old me).

I’m a logical lass with a fair aptitude for realism, so trust me, all the warning bells are going off in my noggin because the maths just doesn’t add up.

Have I gone completely bonkers here? Is it possible to fall for someone you’ve never met?
Do you believe in love at first post? Or is this just a recipe for heart-break and a relationship best kept in the digital domain?

A Bad Bunny’s Timeline of Internet Infatuation:

– Casual flirtation in a business email with nice sounding chap who lives in the same country, but a different city.
– Passing request by him to indulge in a possible “shotgun wedding”
– Open flirtation by both parties
– Curiosity driven Facebook stalking
– Facebook friend request (me) and acceptance (him)
– Further Google background check reveal no (apparent) drug trafficking convictions,incidences of bunny battering or prolonged stays in loony bins.
– Back to enjoying the daily showering of inbox attention.
– Reciprocal twitter account follows
– In a moment of bravery … a phone call is made!!!
– More fast and furious finger flirtations sent from a variety of communication devices. Simultaneously.
– Nightly 40 minute phone calls putting strain on under-funded Vodacom account.
– Open commenting on each other’s Facebook posts
– Accidental post into his timeline what was meant for private message!
– Suspicion by friends and family

– 2 hour Skype conversation (without video).

– Agreement that it may be time to start thinking about meeting in person in a few weeks time when we’re both in the same city.
– Beau Dacious blog post about the sanity of further escapades down this path …..

So here we are.
What do you think y’all?

Will this timeline end with:
– Awkward meeting. Crushed hopes. Embarrassment and furious back-peddling?
– Inevitable breaking of one or both fragile hearts?


– Late night meeting at OR Tambo for flight to Argentina to dance until dawn while sipping on Tequila and shooting Champagne!!?
– Happily ever after.


Blissed out bad bunny

This post was written by Helen. Meet all the Beau Dacious ladies on our Beau Hunters page.

4 thoughts on “Helen: Online Love or Digital Delusion?

  1. I do hope that in between either fulfilling your wildest fantasy or being crushed by the bleak realities of both men and modern life, you will have to meet me for tea.

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