Sarah*: What’s camp and hairy and toothless?

He has hair!!!

That was my first thought on meeting N.  In his online dating profile picture he didn’t have any and quite frankly he looked a great deal hotter.

We met in a nearly empty bar and after sitting down, the conversation started with the usual what is your job?  where did you grow up? type questions.  He then went on to tell me – in great detail – how he was 29, had passed his driving test a year ago but still didn’t have a car.  He can’t justify buying one, but he wants to be a proper man and own a car by the time he is 30! I didnt realise you needed a car to be a proper man, there must be a lot of inadequate feeling men in London! Incidentally, he also can’t justify buying a kindle or an iPad…

Overall, the conversation was ok, no awkward silences and as a bonus he didn’t say, ‘I’ve been trying to think of something interesting to say but can’t ‘ – a guy actually said that to me on a first date once, needless to say the date ended soon after that and there wasn’t a second.

I didn’t realise you needed a car to be a proper man, there must be a lot of inadequate feeling men in London!

I did get distracted a few times trying to work out what was wrong with his teeth. After what I hope wasn’t obvious staring, I realised he was missing a tooth. He didnt seem the type to have lost it in a fight and doesnt play any contact sport. I was curious as to what happened, but decided it was probably a bit rude to ask on first date.  As the date was drawing to a close, he asked if I would like to do it again, I gave a non-committal response and took his phone number.  I have since decided that there won’t be a second date, not because he has hair or is missing a tooth, but he was too camp for there to be any chemistry!

*Sarah is a lovely Beau Dacious reader from London who delighted our inbox with her dating tale. We do love a good story so go on, submit yours


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