Kate*: Ice breaking in a hot country?

So, we’re attractive, smart, funny, independent, savvy, and unbelievably, still single! We’re modest too… The theme of searching for the perfect man, is a topic for too many of our conversations, with ourselves, and with our friends and family!

Helen, and others, have posed questions and offered solutions as to how to find the perfect partner! We’ve discussed the matter to death, we moan about it, laugh about it, sometimes breathe a sigh of relief about it, but deep down, we’re all searching for Mr Right… and in the meantime, Mr Right Now!

So the question at the lunch table today, was “What is the South African way for a woman to indicate interest, without offending the (somewhat conservative) manners of the South African man?”

Don’t get us wrong – we love good manners… we (and here I am writing on my own behalf ) like to be romanced & pursued, good old fashioned wooing is very much en vogue. But, having recently returned from from foreign shores; where making acquaintance with eligible bachelors was far, far easier, it appears the rules back home are different.

There, all you needed to do, was smile, chuckle or respond to an overheard joke with a shake of the head – and a conversation began! It might not have led to anything more than a light chat. It might have led to a kiss, or the exchange of a number, maybe a date or two, but the point is, people were open to connecting with a stranger. Here in Jozi, things seem to be more challenging.

There is the possibility that when you’re on holiday, you might have a more carefree air about you, and that plays a part. But c’mon, how different can the approach be?

So, girls, guys, give me a heads up as to the top 5 things that are “ice-breakers”…. Things to do, or say, that will allow a girl to indicate her initial enthusiasm, without removing the thrill of the chase from her gent of (current) choice.

Then – once I have mastered the top 5… I’ll be reporting on the Beau Dacious quest… taking place in Jozi!!!

 *Kate Sproule is a guest blogger based in Johannesburg, South Africa


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