Hold your hands up. Now to each finger assign the name of a smart, attractive, fun woman over the age of 30 who is single. Need another hand?

Yip, we’re everywhere it seems. Eligible bachelorettes of the highest order. Lawyers, pharmacists, actuaries, teachers, business owners, journalists, aestheticians, entrepreneurs. Professionals.

We’ve all had our fair share of relationships, some good, some best forgotten, but somehow, in the midst of a sea of brides and breeders, we find ourselves back on the dating scene and the subject of aunties around the world who are tutting over our neglected ovaries. And it can be exhausting! You have to slap on the lippy, slip on the heels and take time out from the career/ friends/ gym (/DVD box sets) – stuff you know you like doing – to spend time looking for Mr Right. And believe us, in many cases, the prospect is closer to ‘write off’ than ‘right on’!

But before we go any further, let’s just set something straight. We may well be on the lookout for gentlemen suiters – no point pretending to be über feminists – but we’re not prepared to settle for just any specimen. No, that would be entirely too vulgar and tiresome.  As Gloria Steinhem said, ”Some of us are becoming the men we wanted to marry” which essentially means that if we must fish, we’re only prepared to do so in the first class pool!

Alas, the directions to said pool are not always that clear and the journey itself can be hazardous, so we thought, since dating is apparently a numbers game, and since we’re bound to catch a few mullets along the way, we should at least make the process fun! Hence Beau Dacious: bold tales of beau hunting by women over 30 who,  quite frankly, often have better things to do!

Are you ready? Right, then let’s start with an introduction. Meet Helen…


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